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  • Brit Hotel Marvejols
    Brit Hotel Marvejols


in Marvejols

During your stay in our hotel, discover Marvejols and its surroundings! Enjoy the richness of Occitan culture.

The Parc du Gévaudan

The wolf park of Gévaudan is a nature reserve in which around a hundred wolves live in semi-freedom. Our hotel is closest to the park.

A royal town with character

Marvejols is a charming town with character, worth visiting during a trip as a family or among friends. Here are some historical and religious monuments to discover:

- The three fortified town gateways (Soubeyran, Chanelles, Thérond)
- Notre-Dame-de-la-Carce Collegiate Church
- The Megalithic Site of the Poujoulet Plateau
- The Vallée de l’Enfer, north of the town


The Porte Soubeyran houses an archaeological museum which displays the results of the excavations carried out in Marvejols and the surrounding area.

More information: Part of the film ‘37.2 le matin’ was shot in Marvejols.


Lozère is hiking country! Head off to strengthen your calves on the marked paths and discover all the richness of the surrounding nature. Enjoy, for example, the exceptional panoramic views over the gorges of Tarn.